After 1,176 cards and 91 days of studying with Anki I now use these guidenlines.

Revision of cards is key: create cards, review cards, suspend cards, revise cards.


  1. Make cards very, very easy.
  2. Prefer cloze deletions.
  3. Minimize words.
  4. When reviewing, suspend cards I dislike. Set a very low bar for suspension.
  5. Revise suspended cards, then unsuspend ’em for a second chance.
    • Change Note Type Ctrl + Shift + M
    • Toggle Suspend Ctrl + J
    • Preview Clozes Ctrl + L
  6. If a card seems unsalvagable, delete or archive it.
  7. Archive cards by moving them to a new deck named Obsolete.
    • Change Deck: Ctrl + D
  8. Review cards most days per week.
  9. Review in blocks of 10 to 20 minutes.